Agrelia hunting

A car drives slowly next to the beach line. It stops. An old man walks out, looking at the bushes, he’s searching for something. There is a woman in the car guiding him in Greek, while their dog is barking, with it’s head out the back window. The man enters back to the car, continues a few meters down the road and stops again. What are they looking for?

There is a riddle in front of us that needed to be solved! We drove slowly behind them, wishing we had a pair of binoculars to shorten the distance . The man started pulling some plants out of the ground, handing them threw the window to the woman who looked excited, even from behind. “I want to know what they know” I said and walked quickly out of our car.

There are always these moments when you can act towards something, follow a gut feeling, or let it go, persuading yourself it wasn’t that important or interesting. That was this kind of moment.

The couple looked surprised when I approached and said that i’m curious to know their secret.
It felt to me that I can learn something new – and so I did:
Alexos showed me the way Agrelia (wild asparagus) looked, how to identify where it grows, while Kalika, his wife, revealed the way they cook them for breakfast.

“That is what i live for”, I said to myself as their car drove away, being open and interested in the people i meet and the places i visit. Now let’s eat like Greeks.

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