“There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” Hamlet

Factory was born out of a burning need to talk about art, about the way it’s manufactured, about the place of men in it, about aggressions, about the school where I studied and the production line of future students -artists.
With every day spent at the factory my work changed it face – it expanded and shaped to be a world unto itself.

I was charmed by this factory. I got there by chance, out of curiosity- a gray building in the heart of the city, pigeons circling above. Behind the old machines, noise and dust I met people. I talked with them, they introduced me to their world and shared it with me for a year. Every time I arrived, I stumbled across something new, someone new.
I was sitting in front of a giant puzzle and became an author of the parts. I sifted, cleaned, tried to get to the essence of our meetings, of their work, of my work.

One day at the Factory, I came across the painting “The Creation of Adam” by Michelangelo. The painting was cut in half, only God’s side was there. Underneath the painting were sitting two Eritrean workers – Maharry and Ewatt. I told them not to move and took a picture.Straight after, Maharry Ewatt and I found ourselves in an art discussion, thinking about the missing side of the picture hung in the plant – Adam.

Factory deals with creation – The Physical, hard, daily creation and spiritual creation – the Divine spirit, our divine spirit. The work deals with the creators – with people and their dreams.

Solo Exhibitions
2016 Tempo Rubato, Tel Aviv, Israel

2016 OK Koral, Virpazar, Montenegro

Group Exhibitions
2015 Without Flour, 4 person exhibition, curated by Marie Shek, The Negev Museum of Art, Beer Sheva, Israel

2017 The Short Film Festival of Beer Sheva, Israel

2015 First prize at the experimental film competition of Jerusalem Film Festival